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Female Dating Help is Officially Closed — Here’s Why

I am no longer writing for this site. I started this site four years ago because I was excited about WordPress, web development, and women. Things have changed since then, and here’s why:


Does the Media Want You to Hate Men?

In my last post, I covered a bit of what ideals I feel feminism should follow. In short, feminism is less about putting down men and more about understanding what both men and woman are capable of to form a team.

However, the media wants you to think otherwise. How does the media bash on men and raise women to goddess status?


What Is Feminism and is it Necessary?

I want you to make me a sandwich. Why? I’m hungry, and even though I’m perfectly capable of putting some meat between two slices of bread, I want you to do it to exert my alpha male status.

In a humorous nutshell, that’s why many women feel the idea of feminism is necessary. Women at times feel unnecessarily dominated by men and women want to do something about it. What is feminism, and why do women feel it is a necessity for them today?


Why Isn’t Your Online Dating Profile Getting the Hits You Want? (Part 2)

In my previous post titled Why Isn’t Your Online Dating Profile Getting the Hits You Want (Part 1), I found an ad that sparked my curiosity. The female described herself in such a way that I could not resist hitting the reply button to at least find out more information about her. In the previous post, I described some excerpts which I felt were strong components of a successful online profile. In this post, I will describe the logic behind those choices as well as what not to do when crafting an online profile.


Why Isn’t Your Online Dating Profile Getting the Hits You Want? (Part 1)

So you’ve spent hours sifting through your online photos and editing your profile info, all in hopes of having an inbox flooded with possible suitors and the occasional penis picture? You’re not the only one. 40% of women are involved in the online dating scene, and as more women enter the workforce, that number rises. Sorting through men online takes up a lot less time than in the real world, hence why busy women are flocking to sites such as Match.com, PlentyOfFish.com, and eHarmony.com.

However, many women aren’t getting the desired results. Many of them are getting incompatible guys, fake profiles, or not even any response at all. What can these women do about it?


Why Women Keep a Sideline of Men

I recently saw a situation that inspired me to write this post. A girl I knew from college made some comments on Facebook pictures with her boyfriend from college. They weren’t emotionally neutral comments either; they were along the lines of “We looked cute together!” and “I loved your hair!”. This girl also has a current boyfriend, one I’d consider successful, good-looking, and who seems to be a good guy.

If she has a good boyfriend now, why risk ruining the current relationship by talking to a former lover? Why do some women in general keep a so-called bullpen? Why do men allow themselves to nip at a woman’s heels for scraps of romance?